So you're ready to start building your fence/deck...

There are a few steps that need to be taken before we can begin construction.


Have the underground utility lines on your property located and marked.


We recommend you use Alberta One-Call for this; if you haven't ordered a locate yet, you should do this as soon as possible as it can take them a couple weeks to get in there! 


You can book your locate online at


It is critical that you have these lines located before we begin digging post holes to ensure that the construction process goes smoothly and safely.


Have your property lines marked. 


This can be done by a private locator who will mark the corner pins that should be located underground on the corners of your property.


Alternatively, you can mark them yourself based on the measurements on your Real Property Report (RPR).


Please send a copy of this document to us as well so that we can ensure the property lines have been properly marked. You can e-mail this document to or by text message at 780-394-4722.


If you wish to accept the estimate, you can let us know by phone, email or by accepting the estimate online. 

Once accepted, we will get back to you with a start date. Due to changing weather conditions, we typically provide a date range (e.g. August 21-25) as our schedule is dependent on fair weather.

Depending on the size of the job, we may request a deposit of up to 50% of the project value once building materials or have been delivered to site or the work has been started.


Have the construction area free of obstructions.


Please ensure that there are no objects or obstructions in or around the construction area. This includes items propped against the fence, patio furniture, extension cords, etc. that could be laying around your yard.


If you currently have a fence or deck in place where the new one is to be built, please ensure that that has been included in your estimate.


Contact us to book an estimate. A Harder Contracting representative will come to your location for a site visit and go through the potential options for your project. 

Within a couple days, you will receive a professional estimate by email.

For simple/small jobs, we may be able to give you a rough estimate over the phone.


Once the work is completed to reasonable satisfaction, we expect payment to be made upon the completion of work or on the date specified in our contract or purchase order.

Residential: Within 48 hours

Commercial: Within 30 days

Industrial: Within 45 days

Failure to pay on time may result in additional interest being charged at a rate of 2% calculated DAILY. 

*We now have a monthly financing option available for larger projects (>$5000); please contact us for more information on financing.